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A note to Recruiters:
        • I love technology, and enjoy continuously learning about it, how to improve with it, and integrating new technologies into existing systems.
        • I have a broad range of experience across many disciplines: Application Architecture and Design, Programming in multiple languages, Management, Administration of: Networks, Linux/Unix, Databases.
        • I am a passionate hard worker, who loves to be challenged.
        • I am a HUGE advocate of open source solutions, but practical when it comes to commercially supported software.
        • I like working hard, and sometimes you have to go the extra mile to get it done, but I do need a work life balance. I expect that if I give, my employer will give too. As a contractor this problem resolves itself with an hourly rate.
        • I enjoy mentoring, and fostering a sense of team work.
        • I have waaaay more then "5 years experience", so if that is your minimal requirement, you should really consider if I am a good fit for the position you have in mind.
        • I am not willing to relocate from Frederick MD, nor commute a great distance. I love my community, and I like spending as much time as I can here. However I can, and have, and am willing to entertain working remotely with video and voice telecommuting, and occasional travel.
        • I am not just a programmer, architect, systems administrator, network administrator, a manager, or other single position "check-boxable" person, I am all of these skills rolled into one. If you need one, you get them all with me..
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